Mote Park Indoor Bowls Club Ltd

Mote Park Bowls Club is currenty CLOSED due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Directors have taken note of the latest government guidelines about the opening of indoor sports facilities on 25th July. Following consultations with Members via email, it has been decided that the club will re-open on Monday 28th September using 4 rinks and 2 metre social distancing. Currently we are having a new ventilation system being installed to allow fresh air into the club and remove the stale air. Subscription renewal letters are in envelopes in the club awaiting collection.The club will be open for Members from 7.30am Monday to Thursday and to 12.00 mid-day on Fridays during August , to collect their woods from the lockers (does not apply to those who use public transport or walk to the club) and pick up their envelopes.

Helen, our Club Administrator, who is currently on furlough, will be back at the club on Tuesday 1st September.