Mote Park Indoor Bowls Club Ltd


The Club runs a number of 'fun drives' during the season (mostly on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime sessions). The purpose of the drives are to encourage new and not so new bowlers to get together in an organised session. The format is very relaxed and friendly and provides an ideal opportunity for all bowlers to have a good afternoon with friends and to meet our new members who may have not yet plucked up enough courage to put their names down for matches or join leagues.

You will find forms placed on the notice board opposite the Stewards desk for you to place your name on this list for the weekly sessions. These drives are quite popular so get your names down early as there are limited places available.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays please arrive for these drives by 11:30am for registration as the list closes at 11:45 in order that a timely start may be made at 12:00pm.

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