Mote Park Indoor Bowls Club Ltd

The World Bowls portable Blue Rink held the U17's 2 Wood Triples Final during the last day of the World Indoor Bowls Championships at Potters Bowls Resort, Hopton on Sea, Suffolk. Louanna Lean, Josh Rowe and Josh Austin were in complete control throughout the match against Riverain IBC Juniors from Hitchin, Herts.

From the 1st end they demonstrated their intentions, holding 4 shots, sadly only 1 shot to count on that 1st end.

Louanna drew 2 very close bowls on the 2nd end, Riverain Skip coming in with his last bowl to rest out our 2nd bowl, so just a Single for us, 2-0 up to Mote Park.

Riverain took the 3rd end by 1 shot but in the 4th, our three young players scored 5 shots, a beautifully weight delivery by Skip Josh Austin to trail the Jack into a little pocket of Louanna and Josh Rows 4 bowls. 7-1 up with 4 ends to go.

Riverain took the 5th end with 1 shot making it 7-2, then we picked up a further 5 shots in the 5th, 6th and 7th ends with some very accurate positional bowls to prevent them from scoring any multiples to close the gap. They did manage to score a 2 on the 8th and last end.

Final score: Mote Park 12 Riverain 3.

An extremely well orchestrated performance by our 3 players, their cool calm approach and close teamwork was very noticeable and remarked upon by a number of match officials and spectators, a well deserved Victory and a credit our club.

Presention of Gifts and Trophies was made by World Bowls President John Bell and Greg' Harlow (currently ranked World Indoor Bowls No.2) who, with his Wife Kate, organised the Competition which was sponsored by Potters Holidays.

We all look forward to being there again, with another 3 Triples teams, in early December to defend our title and continue improving our standings during, this now, very popular Junior event.